Rollerdrome Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass Release Date and Start Time

Rollerdrome Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass Release Date and Start Time
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Looking for the official release date for Rollerdrome on Xbox Series X/S? This roller skating action game from Roll7 lets you pull off sick stunts while taking out House Players in a colorful 3D world, and now it’s on its way to Xbox platforms.

Dive into the world of Rollerdrome and enter the bloodsport that combines the world of roller derby with guns. If you’re ready to jump into the cel-shaded world of Rollerdrome, be sure you know the best tips for taking down House Players and all the challenges for each arena. You’re going to need to know them if you want to dominate in Rollerdrome. But, if you’re just looking for the Rollerdrome release date on Xbox Series X/S, look no further.

Release date for Rollerdrome on Xbox Series X/S

Rollerdrome will be released for Xbox Series X/S consoles on Tuesday, November 28, 2023. It will also be available on the Game Pass subscription service. Staring then, you can join the violent bloodsport that players love. Rollerdrome has only previously been available on PC and PlayStation platforms, including PS4 and PS5. Now, Xbox fans can join in on the roller skating madness.

The game will be released worldwide for Xbox players to jump into the tournament together. Let’s check out the official start times for the game.

Rollerdrome Xbox Series X/S Start Time

A global map showing the release times for Rollerdrome on Xbox.
Image via Roll7
  • November 28 at 9 AM PST
  • November 28 at 12 PM EST
  • November 28 at 2 PM BRT
  • November 28 at 5 PM GMT
  • November 28 at 6 PM BST/CET
  • November 28 at 7 PM SAST
  • November 29 at 1 AM SGT
  • November 29 at 2 AM JST
  • November 29 at 4 AM AEDT
  • November 29 at 6 AM NZDT

Maybe your prefer skateboarding

If roller skating isn’t your favorite, you may like one of Roll7’s other games, OlliOlli World (and its sequel OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood). Instead of roller skating and violence, you’ll be able to skateboard. Don’t expect the violence from Rollerdrome, though.

Rollerdrome for Xbox Series X/S Release Countdown

If you are too excited for Rollerdrome to come to Xbox and Game Pass, we’ve got our official countdown timer here for you to know exactly how much time is left before the game releases.


Rollerdrome lets you combine the sport of roller derby with the violence of murder. You’ll join the sport that has you completing tricks and stunts for points while also taking down the enemies, called House Players, who are more than happy to wipe you out with a variety of weapons.

You’ll be able to play in different arenas, with an arsenal of your own weapons to take down the House Players. Combining skating and shooting is no simple task, but it feels smooth and rewarding in Rollerdrome (maybe because you can’t actually fall on your skates).


Rollerdrome is set in the year 2030, where the Rollerdrome bloodsport is watched by all corners of the globe. You take the role of newcomer Kara Hassan, who is content to join in the madness. With her, you’ll discover more about the company behind the International Rollerdrome Federation, Matterhorn, and what their real intentions are.

That’s everything you need to know about the release and start time for Rollerdrome on Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass. Be sure to check out our Rollerdrome combo guide for all the best killer combos you can find in the game.