Psyonix has good news for those of you who are embracing the vehicular sports game's cross-platform shenanigans. The studio confirmed on Twitter over the weekend that it's currently working on party support across all supported platforms, and it'll be with us at some point in 2018.

No firm date was given for cross-play party support, although it's at least good to know the feature is in the pipeline. Right now, it's not possible to cobble together an entire Rocket League party made up of mixed platform users (that's PC, Xbox One, and Switch, cause Sony's currently sitting in the corner with its arms folded refusing to play ball), and it's only possible to chat with gamers on the same system.

It is possible to play with another Rocket League user on a different platform, but it requires a private match via invitation only. Once this update arrives, you'll be free to mix it up with gamers across all formats in a full party environment. 

Rocket League remains an insanely popular multiplayer time sink, with the game recently notching up over 40 million players globally. We thought it was a pretty decent romp, although not quite as perfect as some would let you believe. 

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