Q Entertainment has today announced that Rez HD is to be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade on January 30 priced 800 Microsoft Points.

The cult Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 musical shooter has been recreated in glorious high definition and 5.1 surround sound to offer the ultimate audiovisual experience. The game features five levels, each with its own unique visual theme and style, musical track and boss battle.

There are also a couple of additions, above and beyond the audiovisual facelift. A host of new sound effects (cave, forest, underwater, hall and plate) and visuals (sepia, tile, blur, bloom and glare) have been added, as have a full set of Achievements and online leaderboards.

Trance Vibration also returns, with the option to set all controllers to receive the trance vibration signal from the Xbox 360.

Look out for a Rez HD review soon.