Retro City Rampage finally appears to be nearing release in Europe on PSN, Xbox LIVE Arcade and WiiWare, Brian Provinciano, founder of Vblank Entertainment and creator of the game, has announced.

"Retro City Rampage launched last month and the reception's been amazing," wrote Provinciano in a blog. "It was the #1 downloadable PS Vita game for October and holds a 9.5+ customer score based on well over 1,000 ratings over the three platforms.

"Still, with the high praise there was room for improvement. Striving to make the best possible game, I have spent the past month making it even better based on the feedback from you, the players.

"The updates are now available on all current platforms: PC (Worldwide), PS3 and PS Vita (North America). The still to be released platforms (XBLA, WiiWare and EU PS3/Vita) will include all of these updates day one. There is no release date yet for the remaining SKUs, but all versions are complete and either well into certification or starting shortly.

"As the remaining SKUs were not yet out the door at the time of launch, I made the decision to take this as an opportunity to ensure that at minimum, those still waiting for the game would get a better experience from the get-go."

The update includes tips screens, shop icons visible on the map, more tutorials, checkpoints, level balancing, faster cars and more. Some missions are said to have been completely overhauled.

Those currently playing on Steam are probably already playing the new version - it updates automatically - whereas PS3 and PS Vita players will want to click YES when asked to update the game.