Retro City Rampage on PS3 and PS Vita has been updated to offer two additional graphics modes - one which makes the visuals better and one which recreates the limitations of 8-bit hardware.

RETRO+ Enhanced Graphics Mode

The RETRO+ Enhanced Graphics Mode gives Retro City Rampage a neo-retro boost with dynamic shadows and doubling the colours on screen. The original 8-bit mode is still there for purists.

Prototype Version

ROM City Rampage, an 8-bit hardware-accurate prototype has also been added. This version recreates the limitations of 1980s hardware, including sprite flicker. To access the new mode go to Nolan's Arcade or Doc Choc's house and find the in-game video game machine.

The video below is well worth watching if you want to appreciate the difficulties of true 8-bit development.

These new game modes form part of a larger update already available on PC.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog