Retro City Rampage, the highly anticipated 8-bit action game from Vblank Entertainment, will be released in Europe for PC, PS3 and PS Vita this month. An October 9 date has been confirmed for the US, reports Joystiq.

Versions on WiiWare and Xbox LIVE Arcade will arrive later this year.

Retro City Rampage is an over the top open-world crime game. Steal cars, and then run over pedestrians for shiny coins. Collect power-ups and outrun the law while rampaging the city, shooting a light gun or swinging your bionic arm.

Missions extend beyond driving and shooting, also encompassing stealth, platforming, adventure, rhythm and more. The game boasts over 50 story missions, but there's also an Arcade Mode packed with over 30 fast-paced, score-based challenges.

In the US $14.99 gets you the PS3 and PS Vita versions thanks to Cross-buy, whilst the PC version costs the same.