In single player mode you will have two ways to play the game. The feature mode is titled Rebirth and is a remake of Resident Evil with the addition of touch screen functionality, improved controls and more intelligent zombies. You will be able to pull off a quick 180 degree spin, and take out your knife and reload without having to enter the game menu, features which have been added to later games in the series. New traps are also said to be included in the revamped version.

For a blast of Retro action, Classic mode will allow you to play Resident Evil in its original form. This means no stylus support and no moves that were added to later games in the series, with the game will be just as you remember it, complete with cheesy voice acting.

A few more details on the game's multiplayer modes have also been revealed. There is to be two wireless modes: Co-operative, where you must work as a team to fight off the zombies; and versus, where the player who kills the most zombies is the victor. There is currently no word on whether or not these multiplayer modes will be limited to local wireless or will make use of Nintendo's Wi-Fi internet play.

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence is out in Japan in January, so we can expect a European release some time later in the year, presumably after the North American release.