Resident Evil 8 rumours include werewolves, a castle, and Chris Redfield

Resident Evil 8 rumours include werewolves, a castle, and Chris Redfield
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The next Resident Evil game will take Biohazard’s hero Ethan Winters to a castle populated by werewolves and zombies, as alleged in the latest rumours (via VG247).

This information on the the setting, the protagonist, and enemies in Resident Evil 8 was provided to the Biohazard Declassified tipline. Mind, at the moment, these leaks are all unofficial. According to the report, the game will be first-person and Ethan Winters—the milquetoast survivor of Resident Evil 7—is off to a “rural, snowy, and mountainous” village that leads him to a castle. This fortress is home to werewolf-like beasts and zombies rather than the Moulded that stalked the halls of the Baker homestead. 

The primary villain is a mysterious, ghostly woman who follows Ethan while he walks through the creepy chateau. If shot, the woman will fade away instead of being injured or dying. Chris Redfield will accompany Ethan in this adventure (as we all know, he can’t resist a jolly holiday). This game entered testing in 2019, though it might not be called “Resident Evil 8” and will use a “clever title” instead. It is important to keep in mind that these claims have not been confirmed by Capcom. Resultantly, we should take these with a hefty helping of salt. The premise sounds startlingly similar to Resident Evil 4, and I don’t understand why Ethan is touring Europe. No offense, but he doesn’t seem that sort of guy. And, where have the Moulded gone? A dusty castle would be the perfect place for these monsters to make themselves a home. 

Capcom was recruiting Resident Evil Ambassadors to play an “unannounced title” last month. This could be this Resident Evil game, or it could be a Dino Crisis remake, or it could be something totally unique. We aren’t able to tell right now, but given that the developer hasn’t acknowledged the rumour, we should wait and see what’s in store.