Resident Evil 6 will be released for PC on March 22, available at retail and digitally - the latter priced £19.99 - Capcom has announced.

The PC version features new mode, The Mercenaries: No Mercy, ramping up the Mercenaries mode to offer more enemies on screen than ever before, making it possible to rack up higher score combos.

Resident Evil 6 for PC will also feature all the content and features found in the post-launch title updates for the console versions: access to Ada Wong's campaign from the outset along with the option to play this campaign with a co-op partner and the ability to fine tune the in-game camera.

PC players will also be able to take advantage of

Whilst no demo is planned, PC owners will be able to download a Resident Evil 6 benchmark to check how the game will run on their system.

In addition, a fourth additional mode called Siege, has been announced for release in March for Xbox 360 and PS3. An online multiplayer mode for two to six players, Siege sees a lone AI-controlled rookie BSAA agent in trouble and in need of help. Players will split into two teams with one assuming control of enemy creatures who are trying to take down the rookie, while the other team selects playable characters from the main game and must keep him alive.

Siege mode will be priced 320 MS Points/£3.19.


It has also been confirmed that Xbox 360 exclusive modes - Survivors, Predator and Onslaught - will be available for PS3 this February priced £3.19 each. All four game modes, including Siege, will be made available for PC shortly after the March 22 release.

Source: Press release