Capcom has been forced to revise its financial forecast for fiscal year 2013 after the publisher revealed that sales of Resident Evil 6 had fallen "short of expectations".

According to Capcom, sales of the action-horror "were initially strong but subsequently weakened," adding that, "as a result, sales for this title are certain to fall short of the plan".

Resi 6's collapse saw Capcom knock a third off of its expected annual net income last night, slashing its expectations from 9,800m Yen to 6,500m Yen.

And that wasn't the only bit of bad news for Capcom.

Last night's delay of 3DS title Monster Hunter 4 also contributed to Capcom's revised financials. The game, which was previously due to launch in Japan in March 2013, now won't see a release until FY14.

Resident Evil 6 launched globally in October to average critical acclaim. At the time, Capcom announced that it had broken its previous records by shipping 4.5 million units to retailers.

However, the game soon tumbled down the chart, and has been absent from the UK Top 20 Chart throughout December.

Earlier this week, Capcom announced that a PC version of the game would launch in March and released a major title update for the console versions, which implemented new camera options and made significant tweaks to the game's structure.

Source: Capcom Investor Relations