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Ben Borthwick by on Sep 27, 2021

Resident Evil 4 VR heads to Oculus Quest 2 on October 21

Oculus has announced that its upcoming Resident Evil 4 VR will be launching exclusively for Oculus Quest 2 headsets on October 21.

The company announced the news on the Oculus blog. As revealed back in April, Capcom and VR developers Armature Studio have worked together on the port, reimagining the entirety of the 2005 classic in VR. It includes a host of comfort features, including support for both teleportation and room-scale movement.

As previously established, weapons and items have been converted to physical items in the world. This means you can pick them up and interact with them and, for example, pull weapons out from your belt. Resident Evil 4 VR also includes re-worked puzzles, to allow you to interact with them better with a VR headset and controllers.

A hands-on preview by IGN also lets us in on some of the other additions in the VR version. This includes the reveal that the game’s famous inventory-Tetris remains, only now you move the items around with your hands. You’ll even get to use a fully operational typewriter to save the game.

You can check out a brand new gameplay trailer for yourself down below. Resident Evil 4 VR will launch exclusively for Oculus Quest 2 headsets on October 21.


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