Resident Evil 4 remake reportedly going for a ‘spookier’ tone

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It appears as though an oft-rumoured, but as-yet-unconfirmed, remake of Resident Evil 4 may be announced soon by Capcom.

That’s according to Fanbyte, who are also reporting on some new rumoured details about the project from its sources. According to them, Capcom intend to reveal the remake formally early this year. The sources also corroborate last year’s reports that development was switched from Capcom’s M-Two studio. Instead, it’s claimed that the team behind the excellent Resident Evil 2 remake from 2019 are leading the project.

In addition, it sounds like the team are making some changes to previously established Resi 4 canon. According to them, the famous opening village scene will now take place at night, to give the remake an overall darker and spookier tone. This is apparently something Capcom wants to continue across the whole game, taking direct inspiration from the original cancelled version of Resident Evil 4.

On top of this, Fanbyte claims that the remake will also flesh out some of the game’s supporting characters. Specifically mentioned is the bonus Assignment: Ada campaign. This bonus mode allowed you to play as Ada Wong and then expanded on with the Separate Ways campaign for PS2 and subsequent releases. According to the report, the remake intends to combine and expand both Ada Wong bonuses into a new side-story. However, it’s unclear at this juncture if the ADA story will come in the remake package, or offered as separate DLC.

Just as before, however, Capcom are yet to confirm or deny these latest reports. For now the Resident Evil 4 remake still remains a myth, officially. Last year saw the release of Resident Evil 4 VR, which is getting a The Mercenaries mode update this year.

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