Stunning Resident Evil 4 cosplayer wows as Ada Wong AND Leon Kennedy

Stunning Resident Evil 4 cosplayer wows as Ada Wong AND Leon Kennedy
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With Resident Evil 4 firmly back in the national spotlight thanks to the potentially award-winning remake, fans are getting a good look at Ada Wong in high definition. One cosplayer decided to make use of that and dress up as the star character of the Resident Evil franchise. To take things an impressive step further, that same cosplayer dressed up as Leon Kennedy from the same franchise.

We here at VideoGamer have been enjoying Resident Evil 4 since it initially came out in 2007, and we’ve appreciated the remake as a quality game. It’s always good to see the franchise and this game in particular in the limelight, and that has led to an impressive cosplay. Dressing up accurately as either Leon or Ada is impressive, but one person doing both takes the cake.

Impressive Resident Evil 4 cosplayer shines as both Leon and Ada Wong

Alyson Tabbitha looks pitch perfect as Ada Wong from the Resident Evil franchise. She’s dressed in a stunning red dress that perfectly encapsulates the character’s attire from the game. In any image of Ada Wong, she’s wearing the iconic red dress or something red. Tabitha has the perfect recreation of it. Her hair is styled to perfection. If there’s going to be another movie made on the Resident Evil franchise, Tabitha might garner some consideration for the role. She’s nailed the gear as well, with the belt and shoulder straps done to perfection.

A woman in a red dress wows as Ada Wong on an Instagram.
Image via @alysontabbitha on Instagram

If this were the only thing Tabbitha did, it would be an excellent cosplay. She would go on to completely wow her audience by dressing up as the other protagonist of Resident Evil: Leon S Kennedy himself. This is no easy feat. Not only do the characters not look totally similar, they’re of the opposite gender as well. Her Leon Kennedy cosplay might be even more impressive given that fact.

Two stunning Resident Evil 4 cosplayers dressed as Ada Wong and Leon are taking pictures on Instagram.
Image via @alysontabbitha on Instagram

Leon Kennedy wears a blue pants and a blue shirt with an iconic brown jacket. He has medium brown hair and gloves as well as a holster for his gun. All of that is here in Tabbitha’s cosplay. She truly sank into the character and became Kennedy after fully becoming Wong as well.

Alyson Tabbitha is an artist who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. She enjoys doing makeup and dressing up per her Instagram bio, which is evident in the many impressive cosplays she has pulled off. She’s also done Edward Scissorhands, Wonder Woman, Maleficent, Revenant from Apex Legends, and so many others.