Resident Evil 3 Remake safe rooms are safe from Nemesis, confirms Capcom

Resident Evil 3 Remake safe rooms are safe from Nemesis, confirms Capcom
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Capcom has guaranteed that Nemesis cannot follow the player into safe rooms in Resident Evil 3 Remake, after some confusion led us to believe that the monster has no bounds (via games radar).

That’s a relief. There’s a lot that’s new in the 2020 game compared to the original 1997 game—for example, U.B.C.S. merc Carlos Oliveira is getting a longer playable mission, there are no determinant decisions, and Raccoon City will be stuffed with side content offering multiple possible routes through one area. Nemesis’ artificial intelligence is significantly sophisticated, developing from the AI that drove Mr. X in Resident Evil 2, and he’s got a tentacle arm that will capture the player to drag them into range.

So, when it was reported that Nemesis could break into safe rooms, we thought it was another addition to the remake that would make it even more terrifying than ever before. It also sounded slightly unsportsmanlike. Safe rooms are meant to be safe, right? Fortunately, Capcom confirmed that we got the wrong end of the stick. 

In this month’s Official Xbox Magazine’s hands-on preview of the game, it said that the player was being pursued by Nemesis when he broke into a room with a progress-saving typewriter. This room was not an actual safe room, so the player was fair game for Nemesis. Additionally, safe rooms will be signalled with their traditional theme, so players will know when they’re able to put their feet up and grab a cuppa. 

Resident Evil 3 will arrive on PlayStation 4 on April 3, 2020.