by on Nov 17, 2016

Remedy Entertainment teases new game (probably not Alan Wake 2)

Remedy Entertainment, maker of Quantum Break, Alan Wake, and the first two Max Payne games, has teased a new title. In a trailer featuring studio Creative Director, Sam Lake, Remedy reveals a trailer for a new game is coming soon.

Now, Remedy announced recently that it was going to be building multiplayer into its games, in particular co-op multiplayer. What that means for this secret game is unknown. But I think I can speak for everyone by saying: Please be Alan Wake 2! I’m sure co-op play could be built into that somehow.

Possible titles for Alan Wake 2 I just came up with are:

Alan Wake 2: Dream Harder

Alan Wake 2: Night of Day

Alan Wake 2: Where’s My Wife

Alan Wake 2: Awakening

Alan Wake 2: A Writer’s Curse

Alan Wake 2: Snooze Button

Alan Wake 2: The Clocks Changed so My Alarm Didn’t Go Off

But yeah, if this isn’t Alan Wake 2, and let’s face facts that it probably won’t be, fingers crossed it’s something pretty exciting.

A possible date for the trailer is December 1, during The Game Awards.


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