Red Dead Redemption 2 will take around 65 hours to finish

Red Dead Redemption 2 will take around 65 hours to finish
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Rockstar Games bigwig Dan Houser has estimated that Red Dead Redemption 2 will take players around 65 hours to complete. 

Speaking during an interview with Vulture, Houser also confirmed that the game had around five hours worth of content cut. This includes a second love interest for protagonist Arthur Morgan, and a mission where you had to take on bounty hunters on a train.

Ultimately, he felt that some of these were not 'quite slick enough, or they felt superfluous. This part of the process is always about compromise and horse trading. Everyone always loses bits of the game they love,' he said.

If the game's length isn't impressive enough, Houser also revealed that Red Dead 2 has a 2,000-page script, uses over 300,000 animations, and a whopping 500,000 lines of dialogue. Blimey.

This is in addition to the 50+ weapons available in the westerner, not to mention over 200 species of animals.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is due for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26. The game weighs in at nearly 90GB on Microsoft's console, while PS4 owners will get a bunch of in-game content 30 days before anyone else