Nintendo has often been criticized for its lackluster marketing, nowhere more than in the U.K where devoted Cube owners have bemoaned the media muscle put behind such classics as Zelda: Wind Waker and Metroid Prime. But, never let it said an old dog cannot learn new tricks, as it appears Resident Evil 4 will not fall foul of the same fate, hardly surprising you may say it stands a very real chance of being one of the last big games for the ailing Gamecube.

In a partnership with Nintendo, The Sci-Fi Channel, and Pearl & Dean, the Evil Evolves campaign involves a three city tour, showing some acclaimed horror films which are surely known to all. Movies such as Alien, The Exorcist, and The Wicker Man will be shown at cinemas in London, Leeds, and Manchester, with an exclusive chance to sample the superb RE4 before its official 18 March release.

The tour will commence will a special screening for media only at the historic Everyman cinema in the heart of Hampstead on 9 - 12 March before moving to The Cottage in Leeds between 17 - 19 March and finally onto the Phoenix in Leicester on 25 - 26 March.

Yet the cinema tour is not the only part of this spine-chilling offensive. A themed movie weekend will also be shown on The Sci-Fi Channel, cheesily named 'Teen Scream' and boasting a specially designed micro-site at, a month long evening programming sponsorship will also be taken up by the channel in support of the Evil Evolves tour.