The controversial delay of Rayman Legends - originally planned as a Wii U launch title, but now heading to multiple systems in September - has allowed the development team to add considerable amounts of extra content, Ubisoft Montpellier has told OPM.

"Trust me, the things we are adding aren't minor," revealed senior game manager Michael Micholic. "We're not talking about adding some polish here and there, but 30 new levels and several new bosses."

During the same interview Rayman creator Michel Ancel said the game's delay was difficult.

"I wasn't shocked, but it was really hard for us," said Ancel. "Of course, there are more important issues and problems in the world but we worked really hard to make something and were so involved, it was difficult for us and the fans."

As a means to appease angry Wii U owners, Ubisoft will release a second Rayman Legends demo for the platform in late April.

The new demo will feature the full online challenge mode, made up of four levels, including Murphy's Dungeon, exclusive to Wii U. New challenges are promised to be added daily and weekly, each with its own leaderboard.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine