Speaking to VideoGamer.com in a massive exclusive interview published throughout the week Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton has revealed that he believes the studio's 360 titles could well be remembered by today's gamers in the same way a generation looks back on N64 classic GoldenEye.

When asked if Rare is releasing games now that will have a similar effect on these people as older games did with an older generation of gamers, Burton was confident that they would.

"I think that already happened," stated Burton. "It's funny when you get fan mail. We do. We get quite a bit. Some for old stuff, quite a lot for new stuff.

"Whether we have as many of them or more, you'll have to ask me in 10 years time. But then again the market's much bigger, it's much more diverse, there's many more games."

One of Rare's most recent titles is Viva Piñata, a game which has received acclaim from critics and gamers alike.

"Certainly VP has had a lot of love from the people who have really got into it, almost obsessively so, in a lot of cases," said Burton. "That could be someone's formative moment. There's that first moment for the people who bought the 360 when they first played PD, when they first played Kameo. One would have floated the boat more than the other I guess. It's difficult for me to see past that because when you're in the dev community you've had that hardware for several years. So you don't have that fresh packaging smell, shakily putting the disc in, wow HD for the first time! Blimey!

"So yeah, we'll have to wait and see I suppose. I'd hope so. I think so, certainly from the feedback we get. There's all kinds of feedback obviously, but the direct communication feedback you get in general is very very positive and it looks like people are going to remember our stuff."

When asked directly if the games Rare is putting out on the Xbox 360 could be this generation's GoldenEye experience, Burton replied: "Could be, yeah. It would be a different experience from GoldenEye without a doubt.

"It would be really interesting to see if we could freeze time and our memories of what we're playing and what we're looking forward to, just fast forward 10 years and see what we've remembered and what we haven't and what's come into our memory."

Do think gamers today will look back on recent and upcoming Rare games in the same way that a whole generation looks at GoldenEye? Let us know in the comments below.