Speaking to VideoGamer.com at last week's Develop conference in Brighton, Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton has revealed that he was keen to begin work on a Kameo sequel immediately after the first game was complete.

"This is just me personally, I was very big for the second we got Kameo out, for hitting the deck running and going right we're doing Kameo 2, we're going to take 12 to 18 months to do it, bang, it's done," explained Burton. "But for one reason or another we didn't do that in the time frame where you could hit that sweet spot. So she's got to take a hiatus."

How long we'll need to wait before we see the sequel is currently uncertain, with Burton noting it depends on a lot of factors.

"That is the unknown. It could be short, it could be long. It depends on the team, it depends on the market, it depends on the portfolio from other studios. There's so many factors that get involved in making that decision that it's impossible to say at any one time.

"I could say to you now, no, 18 months at least. In reality, everything might come into alignment at the end of next week and suddenly it's like, yeah go and start doing that. And it might be out of our control. It might be because suddenly there's a massive gap in the portfolio where there's no games like that at all coming down the pipe in two years' time," said Burton. "And then if the resources were there, let's say Banjo's finished but they decide they want to do something different, and then there's this opening for Kameo, what I'm saying now could be completely wrong in three months, four months time. But it's not something that one studio can just go, yes we are going to do this now, because if you do that that's when you might time it wrong."

Kameo has received much praise and criticism, but for a launch title we here at VideoGamer.com found it a highly enjoyable experience and would welcome a sequel with open arms.

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