US rapper The Game has revealed that he has done "a little bit of work with" Rockstar Games on Grand Theft Auto 5, presumably to reprise his role as GTA: San Andreas character Mark "B-Dup" Wayne.

"They [Rockstar] called man, and we did a little bit of work with them," The Game told Wired 96.5, before referencing San Andreas' B-Dup.

"Once you in a video game, you struck gold, man."

The reappearance of B-Dup in GTA 5 would make sense, of course. GTA 5 is set in the fictional city of Los Santos and the "surrounding areas" within the state of San Andreas.

Earlier today, it was revealed that GTA 5's lead character is an "East Coast gangster" who has moved to Los Santos "for a fresh start".

More information on GTA 5 is expected to be revealed by Game Informer later today, followed by a new trailer next Wednesday.

Source: The Game - Studio 96