Rainbow Six Siege update 4.2 is now available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One, bringing with it a boatload of changes for the tactical squad-based shooter. This latest patch serves as the Mid-Season Reinforcement update for Siege's current season, and is primarily focused on balance changes.

One of the main highlights of the patch is a reduction in concussion effects, which will no longer put the kibosh on sprinting. Your movement and speed will still be somewhat limited, but recovery time is now much quicker.

Elsewhere, Ubisoft has tinkered with individual Operator stats. For starters, Ela's SMG now packs fewer rounds per magazine, down from 50 to 40. The developer insists she had to be nerfed after discovering players were pretty much stomping over the competition effortlessly using her. 

Other key changes include toning down Ash's R4-C, an increase to the raw damage for Capitao's Para-308, and reducing the amount of barbed wire wielded by Bandit. Finally, there's a wealth of bug fixes to consider, including polishing up Terrorist Hunt and Spectator Camera modes, as well as general fixes to level design and various Operator attributes.

Read the full list of Rainbow Six Siege update 4.2 patch notes here. The game is set to receive fresh content throughout 2018, with Ubisoft ramping up support for the title as it enters its third year of release. Be sure to read our thoughts on the shooter in our review.

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