Rainbow Six Extraction gets new gameplay trailer

Rainbow Six Extraction gets new gameplay trailer
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Rainbow Six Extraction has a new gameplay deep dive trailer, showing off its swarming alien creatures and futuristic action.

During the Ubisoft Forward showcase, the new trailer detailed several gameplay elements. This included the oddly un-Clancy aliens rampaging throughout.

Check out the cinematic trailer here:

The description reads:

“As the threat grows, our Operators rise to meet it. In Extraction, Rainbow Six has been united under REACT. Their mission: learn about the enemy, stop it spreading at all costs… and leave no one behind.”

After the cinematics, Ubisoft then gave us a gameplay deep dive into Rainbow Six Extraction, which is a bit reminiscent of Prey.

The description reads:

“Take on the lethal and evolving Archaen threat in Rainbow Six Extraction. New gear, new abilities, new strategy. Team up with friends in 3 player co-op, and work together to learn and overcome Rainbow Six’s most dangerous enemy to date. And if one of you goes down in the containment zone, it’s up to you and your teammates to mount a rescue and make sure everyone gets out alive.”

As you can see, this looks like a new IP, and I can’t help but wonder what Tom Clancy would make of the Archaen threat. Nevertheless, Rainbow Six Extraction does still look fun.

Rainbow Six Extraction is coming out on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on September 16.