Brett Phipps by on Aug 27, 2015

Rainbow Mika confirmed for Street Fighter 5

Rainbow Mika is the latest character to join the Street Fighter 5 roster, Capcom has confirmed.

A new trailer posted to the official Street Fighter YouTube channel shows off R. Mika taking on Vega with her grapple-based moveset. Mika now brings the roster total to ten, with Vega, Ken and new character Necalli joining the initial five announced.

Capcom confirmed today that it will be re-launching the Street Fighter 5 worldwide beta this Friday at midnight UK time. While Mika won’t be available in the beta, you’ll still get to cause havoc with Ryu, Bison, Cammie, Birdie, Nash and Chun-Li.

Take a look at Mika in action below:

Source: YouTube


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