Wii U is to receive a new system update this summer that lets users quickly jump into recently played games via the GamePad on boot-up, Nintendo has announced.

The new functionality promises to halve the time it currently takes to start playing a game.

"One of the major benefits of the GamePad is that we can easily play video games without using the TV, and this has been well received. Unfortunately, however, after starting up Wii U, there is a wait of over 20 seconds before we can select a video game title, and hence it is not an ideal situation for users now," explained Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during this morning's corporate management policy meeting.

He added: "To solve this problem, a quick start menu for the GamePad will become a reality after a future system update planned for early summer."

The new Quick Start menu enables users to load a recently played software title without first having to access the Wii U console menu.

No date for the summer software update was given.

Source: Nintendo presentation by the president