Nintendo has today announced that Punch-Out!! will be released on Wii across Europe on May 22, 2009.

The game revives the story of Little Mac (he had a flawless fight record on the NES and SNES) and sees players follow his journey from up-and-coming boxer in the Bronx to boxing world champion. On his journey to the top Little Mac will fight series favourites including Von Kaiser, King Hippo and Doc Louis.

With bold 3D visuals and the introduction of motion sensing controls, Nintendo is promising an instinctive boxing experience allowing players to weave, bob and duck their way to the top. When using motion controls the Nunchuck and Wii Remote will be used to mimic the movement of the left and right hands, while there will also be a classic control option in which the Wii Remote is used on its side as if a NES controller.

For more Punch-Out!! look out for Super Punch-Out!! on the NES which will be arriving on the Virtual Console on Friday.