PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds update 7 is now live for Xbox One players, PUBG Corp has announced. This latest patch for the every-man-for-himself shooter, which recently chalked up over four million players for Microsoft's platform, offers yet another round of bug squashing plus some key gameplay fixes. 

For starters, the auto-run function has now been disabled when you're aiming down a weapon's sights, and you can now use the D-pad when navigating your map without fear of switching through your firearms, melee, and throwing weapons. 

On the gameplay from, players will suffer less injuries when run over by a vehicle, while grenades now inflict more damage on vehicles when successfully targeted. Finally, PUBG Corp's also continued to optimise controller input lag and improved the quality of the reticle. 

Be sure to hit up the PUBG message board to get the full patch notes for Xbox One update 7. In related news, the game's developer recently admitted it has no clear roadmap for PUBG beyond its current incarnation, and is instead focused on polishing the experience so it can finally leave early access. 

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