While every Tom, Dick, and Harry is busy having a crack at PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, its developer has conceded it has no current roadmap in place for PUBG 2.0 or beyond just yet. 

Speaking with GI.biz, PUBG boss Chang Han Kim revealed that the team is busy focusing on the current incarnation of the every-man-for-himself shooter, and is more concerned with getting out of Early Access. There's also the prospect of a PS4 version once Microsoft's timed-exclusivity deal has expired.

'We see PUBG as an endlessly evolving online product. It’s not like we have a clear roadmap with 2.0 and 3.0. The current version, I want to say it’s flawless, but it still needs to be polished and enhanced. That will be our primary goal: polishing the current experience to provide the best game,' said Kim. 

Elsewhere, Kim revealed that PUBG Corp is setting its sights on improving the 'competitive side of the game,' saying it's aiming to 'spend the entire year working on those two goals.' Indeed, the studio has been pretty busy stomping down on bugs as of late, with another update due soon for PC

Finally, Kim also broached the topic of a PUBG movie, although right now it doesn't seem like a safe bet. This probably isn't a surprise; the random nature of the game and its appeal in watching unscripted events unfold would be difficult to translate to a linear Hollywood blockbuster.  

'We don't have any specific plans, but we're thinking a lot about what that could look like,' he commented. 'What we want to do is look at how this can be another form of entertainment for our fans; not as a tool to make more profit, but as something we can enjoy with our players and how we can do that through new media.'

Elsewhere, the developer is also committed to polishing up the Xbox One version of the game, with update 6 now available for download.

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