Zombie: Survive Till Dawn, PUBG Mobile's crossover event with Capcom's survival horror hit Resident Evil 2, is now live.

The undead-flavoured event takes place on PlayerUnknown's Battleground's Erangel map, and switches things up by putting you in the midst of a 30-minute, PvE shootout populated by flesh-hungry walking corpses and Lickers – plus regular human-controlled opponents, of course.

The Resi 2 mashup takes place across three days and two nights, with Raccoon City's infected coppers becoming increasingly pissed off after the sun sets. Visibility is also reduced, while William Birkin's G1 mutation and Mr. X will spawn randomly at night, too.

Costumes and skin sets can be earned during Survive Till Dawn, such as those based on Ada, Claire, Marvin and Leon. Check out a trailer below.



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