PUBG lines up one last test run for Sanhok map

PUBG lines up one last test run for Sanhok map
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PUBG Corp. has announced that it will be rolling out the Sanhok map for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for another round of testing this weekend.

The fourth and final test period for the tropical-themed battleground will kick off at 3.00am BST on June 1 and will wrap up on June 4 at 12.00pm BST. As always, it'll be open to anyone who has purchased the last-man-standing-shooter for Steam.

PUBG Corp. plans on outfitting the map with a bunch of new additions once it gets a full release, including extra vehicles (one of which includes the three-wheeled Tukshai) and a new weapon.

This only applies to the PC version of PUBG, mind. The Xbox One edition of the battle royale game has recently just got its mitts on the Miramar map, so it's currently a bit behind the action.

PUBG Corp. has its hands full at the moment, having filed a lawsuit against Fortnite creator Epic Games for alleged copyright infringement.