PUBG: Battlegrounds
by on Oct 27, 2021

PUBG: Battlegrounds adds DBNO swimming and chickens in latest update

Developer Krafton has announced what players can expect in the next update for Battle Royale shooter PUBG: Battlegrounds.

The 14.2 update’s major new feature is the addition of chickens—yes, chickens—to the Taego map. More than just amusing poultry, the feathered fowl do have a gameplay feature. They’ll make a fuss if players get too near, and could give away their position if they’re not careful.

Elsewhere, the update also introduces a new weapon in the form of the Mortar. Again, exclusive to the Taego map, it’ll take practice to get the hang of this explosive weaponry. It’s not the only explosive option though, as there’s also a new M79 Smoke Grenade Launcher. Finally, the update adds DBNO swimming. Previously, if you were downed in the water you’d instantly die and be eliminated. Now, you’ll have a chance to slowly swim to shore and potentially survive if a squadmate can get to your fast enough.

You can check out the latest patch report video for the upcoming update down below. The PUBG: Battlegrounds 14.2 update will arrive on PC on November 3. It’ll then head to the console version of the game on November 11. You can check out the full patch notes over here.



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