The latest system software update (v1.80) to hit the PlayStation Vita will allow gamers to play PSOne Classics on the handheld, Sony announced last night at gamescom.

A bunch of other features will arrive with the update, including "Cross Controller", which allows you to use the PS Vita as a controller for your PS3. This feature will only work with compatible games, such as LittleBigPlanet 2. All PS Vita functionality will be used in Cross Controller, which is accessed by using the Remote Play function in the Cross Media Bar.

The PlayStation blog lists all the features included in update 1.80:

  • The ability to control the home screen menu using the Vita's face buttons.
  • The addition of playlists in the music menu
  • The web browser now supports rear touch functionality
  • Playback speed control and repeat play for videos
  • MPO format supported for photos
  • Add photo attachments to group messages
  • Improvements to the Maps app
  • Near can now access information from surrounding WiFi hotspots without being connected to the internet and update location data at a later time.