by on May 28, 2020

PS5 conference could be happening next week

Sony may be planning to host a conference on the upcoming PlayStation 5 next week, as per a report from Bloomberg.

Anonymous sources have spoken to Bloomberg about the possibility of a PS5 event as early as June 3—this, of course, could be subject to change.

The report goes on to say that other PS5 conferences and events could take place in the “coming weeks and months.” Given the current Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on logistics, these things are susceptible to laste-minute changes of plan.

Ordinarily, we would look to E3 for console reveals, but the huge tradeshow has been cancelled this year, in favour of smaller, separate conferences. We still don’t know what the console looks like, but we have been shown the controller. Could that be a clue as to the colour scheme of the console?

Sony has maintained that the PlayStation 5 is still scheduled for release in the Christmas period this year. We also recently saw the Unreal Engine 5 running on a PS5; it looked extremely impressive, and left me slightly cold.


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