PlayStation 4 hardware will be shown at E3, Sony has confirmed to

Sony will take the console to this June's show along with its "business plan", where it will presumably further demonstrate functionality touched upon last night, and outline plans for how it intends to support the console in the years ahead.

"E3, of course we'll be there, showing more, talking about more," Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny told this afternoon. "But to have a focussed event where we could get across early the vision for what we're doing and why we're doing it... the vision of what it's about.

"E3 we'll have details, a business case, showing actual hardware - it'll come, okay - but [we're] here to say, 'look we set off talking five years ago, [and] we wanted to make something very gamer-centric'."

Sony was criticised by some fans for not showing its hardware during last night's reveal event, instead choosing to focus on the console's social functionality and offer the first glimpse at the new DualShock 4.

PlayStation 4 is due to go on sale this Christmas.

Source: interview at PlayStation 4 media event held in New York. Flights and accommodation provided by SCEE.