PS3’s gaming capabilities are only just becoming apparent to everyone, says Sony

PS3’s gaming capabilities are only just becoming apparent to everyone, says Sony
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The PlayStation 3 is in many ways only just getting going, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president and CEO Jim Ryan has told

“I can only speak to what we said, and the messaging there, which was very game-centric, was very carefully thought about, and really seeks to convey the point that the PS3 in many ways is only just getting going,” said Ryan at E3 earlier this month. “It’s a big, complicated, powerful machine. It’s taken developers – our own developers, our own studios – a little time to get to grips with it, but I think you saw the fruits of that [at the keynote].”

Sony showed Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls and Sony Santa Monica’s God of War: Ascension, all of which impressed.

“Some of that stuff was really exciting, I felt personally,” Ryan added. “I sat right at the back so I could judge the mood of the room, and it was apparent to me that that mood was largely shared. I think the true capabilities of the PS3 as a gaming platform are just starting to become apparent to everyone.”

But what of the next generation? Ryan says the platform holder is currently just focusing on PS3.

“We’re really just focusing on PS3 right now. We’ve got a target, which is a matter of public record, of 30 million units to sell this fiscal year. It’s pretty demanding, but given the software that was on display we’ve got a pretty good crack at that. I’m given demanding, aggressive numbers to meet, and that’s what I’m focussed on right now. I think [SCE Worldwide Studios president] Shuhei Yoshida’s team has given me the tools to do that.”