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Portal creator Kim Swift joins Xbox Game Studios Publishing division

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Former Portal creator Kim Swift will be joining Xbox Game Studios Publishing division, the company has announced today.

The label’s official Twitter account said “Our team focuses on three pillars in our games: Community, Innovation and Inclusivity. Today, @K2TheSwift joins us in XGS Publishing to accelerate our Innovation and collaborate with independent studios to build games for the cloud.”

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Swift is of course the developer who led a team of graduates to create the freeware Narbacular Drop. That game was presented to Valve, and Kim and her team were soon hired by the company to create Portal which released in 2007 for which Swift was also credited with level design.

She stayed at Valve for several more years, also working on games such as Left 4 Dead and its sequel, and Half-Life 2: Episodes One & Two. She departed Valve in 2009 and joined Airtight Games, who released Quantum: Conundrum in 2012. Swift later joined Amazon a couple of years later, and eventually joined EA Motive in 2017 where she worked on Star Wars Battlefront II.

There’s no word on what specific games Kim Swift might be working on at Xbox Game Studios Publishing, but other games mentioned in the arm’s Twitter profile include Tell Me Why, Microsoft Flight Simulator and the just-revealed-last week Contraband, coming from Avalanche Studios.


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