Portal: Companion Collection heads to Switch in 2022

Portal: Companion Collection heads to Switch in 2022
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Valve has announced it’s bringing both of its seminal first-person puzzler games to Nintendo Switch in the Portal: Companion Collection.

The collection will include both 2007’s Portal and its 2011 sequel in one package. If, for some reason, you’re not familiar, you’ll be playing as Chell. She wakes up in the mysterious Aperture Laboratories, with only a portal gun and the voice of sinister robotic AI supercomputer, GLaDOS. Cue a series of ‘test chamber’ puzzles where you’ll have to use portals to traverse and avoid turrets and more.

The sequel, Portal 2 sees Chell return to the labs in a bigger and more expansive adventure. This time GLaDOS and Chell will also meet a new AI, the seemingly-well meaning but dim Wheatley voiced by Stephen Merchant. Expect more traps, plenty of dark humour and more. The sequel also introduces multiplayer with a co-op mode, which is included here with local, split screen & online options.

This will actually mark the first time a Valve game has appeared on a Nintendo system before. It’s quite interesting timing too, given this month’s launch of the Steam Deck handheld which, in terms of function, is a very similar machine. Either way, we’re not complaining.

You can check out a trailer for the collection below. The Portal: Companion Collection is expected to arrive at some point in 2022, though an exact date has not yet been given.