Pokémon Unite heads to mobile tomorrow as developers detail future updates

Pokémon Unite heads to mobile tomorrow as developers detail future updates
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The producer of Pokémon Unite has offered fans an insight into future updates for the free-to-play MOBA as it heads to mobile devices from tomorrow.

Masaaki Hoshino penned the open letter on the game’s official website, thanking fans for their support since the Nintendo Switch launch this past July. “Every piece of feedback has been valuable to us, whether it was constructive criticism or complimentary. We’re proud to have created an experience that has resulted in so much enthusiasm, particularly as we invite a new audience to the world of UNITE with tomorrow’s mobile launch of the game.”

To that end, tomorrow’s update will see a few changes to game. The most obvious being full cross platform play between mobile and Nintendo Switch as previously promised. In addition, there’ll be new in-game events to earn super item enhancers, allowing items to be upgraded to grade 30.

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Elsewhere, the update also introduces Unite squads, allowing those who regularly play together to form proper teams. The game’s second Battle Pass will also kick off tomorrow, with all new space-themed cosmetics for your monsters.  Tomorrow’s update will also bring along new held items, and the rollout of some limited ‘Spectator Mode’ features.

Going forward, the team pledge to add more playable Pokémon, and more events an battle passes in the future. A new game mode is also in development, designed to “level the playing field for all Trainers, regardless of their held items’ grades”.

You can check out a new trailer for the new updates for Pokémon Unite below. The game is available now on Nintendo Switch and will be on iOS and Android phones from tomorrow and you can read our Josh’s thoughts on the game here.