Pokemon Unite Tier List (September 2022) – Understanding the List and the Best Playable Pokémon

Pokemon Unite Tier List (September 2022) – Understanding the List and the Best Playable Pokémon
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Do you want to test your gaming skills and have the craze for beating your opponents? Pokemon Unite could be the perfect game for you!

The game allows you to score more points than your rivals using your favorite Pokemon role. No matter if you are playing the game on an Apple, Android, or Nintendo Switch, you always need the best kémon for the job to get ahead of your foes.

Different roles of a Pokemon? Well, there are five basic categories naming: All Rounder, Defender, Speedster, Supporter, and Attacker.

Since you need to go with a strategic mindset to the battlefield, ensuring your role choice will work alongside your teammates would be best. Each character has defined strengths and flaws, and being a player; you better examine these factors to choose the well-suited character.

Before we move to the character portion of this blog, let us explain the Pokemon Unite Tier List first.

Pokemon Unite Tier List Explained:

Pokémon players are always keen on understanding the tires list as they should be. Knowing which character will pay out better is critical to the game; however, the scenario can change dramatically depending on the individual gaming skills. Let us dive deep into the Pokemon Unite ranked tier list.

i) S-tier:

Pokémon that reside on top of Unite’s meta is always spotted in the S-tier. When it comes to a hard gaming job (super job) like tanking and dealing damage, these Pokemon will never disappoint you! Hoopa – one of the Pokemon on this tier – is probably the most chosen character of this category as players consider its skills to be broken.

ii) A-tier:

Are you looking for solid choices for ranked? A-tier could have your desired characters! With a strategic mindset and watchful play, some of the characters in this class can outsmart those on the S-tier. It all comes down to this: A Greedent in the hands of a beginner will never make a difference, but it can overtake games in the hands of a pro.

iii) B-tier:

Players who select characters that are easier to use should visit this tier. The Pokemon in this tier aren’t overwhelmed nor should be polished, essentially. When it comes to winning team-oriented matches in Pokemon Unite, the characters of B-tier can really help! However, they may not meet the expectations in a solo queue where they don’t have a similar impact.

iv) C-tier:

The developers could show some love to the characters in the C-tier. The release of new champions with added power has kicked the C-tier characters off the cliff because the new characters performed well in the meta. Wigglytuff was once the top-choice character but nerfs and other champions faded its impact away.

Other characters, like Mamoswine, are already equipped with new strengths but still can’t meet expectations – especially in solo queue. Players are bound to experience some frustration in ranked when playing these roles.

v) D-tier:

Pokemon who seriously need attention and reworking for better performance in Unite’s ranked play is listed in D-tier. Players never find these characters good enough in any aspect of the game as other options can do better than them.

Pokemon Unite Tier List – Characters Breakdown:

Do you want to know the top-tier Pokemon for Pokemon Unite alongside their categories? Here is the list!

·  Lucario – All Rounder

·  Pikachu – Attacker

·  Snorlax – Defender

·  Absol – Speedster

·  Hoopa – Supporter

We are about to break down Pokemon characters into categories that contain comprehensive details about individual Pokemon. (Remember that the list is subjective, and players could have their own preferences).

All-Rounder Pokemon Unite Tier List:

Are you an aggressive player and want to opt for a character with an optimal balance of aggression and endurance? You better opt for All-Rounder Pokemon! These tenacious fighters can put on a hot show should you have excellent individual gaming skills. You can commonly find four All-Rounder Pokemon in the game – Lucario, Charizard, Machamp, and Garchomp.

When it comes to exploring the Pokemon Unite Tier List for All-Rounder characters, you will find multiple characters in the story. Here is how the All-Rounder Pokemon rank:

STsareena, Lucario
AAegislash, Dragonite, Azumarill
BCharizard, Garchomp

Each character in the tier list carries unique powers, and players should know about them before choosing one. Let us explore further!


·  Top All-Rounder Slot Occupant

·  Excellent Mobility & Extreme Speed

·  Powerful Attacks

·  Bone Rush


·  Stomp inclusion in your movest

·  Perfect for crowd control

·  Queenly Majesty


·  The main strength is Unite Move

·  Dragon Dance

·  Avoids Attacks through Dancing


·  Dynamic Movest & Attack Mechanics

·  True Offensive Force

·  Extreme potential to unlock


·  Weak during early stages

·  Useful buffs when upgraded

·  Strong basic attack

·  Rechargeable main attack


·  Useful powers

·  Fire Punch (to be unlocked)

·  Competitive All-Rounder


·  Strong Movest

·  Great damage to enemies

·  It packs much of a punch


·  Perfect for one-on-one fights

·  Excellent powers and strengths

·  Flaters in team matches

Attacker Pokemon Unite Tier List:

Whether you opt for attackers in close combat or at a distance, they can cause serious damage to the opponents. Not as much endurance as All-Rounders; they are still good enough for damage.

Players can choose from six Pokemon Attackers in the game. The attacker tier list is given in the coming lines. The list shows how all the Attacker Battle Type Pokemon rank. (Remember that there is currently a bug, and Cramorant is Invincible now. He will be moved to his proper location once the bug is fixed).

SCramorant, Venusaur, Pikachu, Sylveon, Duraludon
ADecidueye, Cinderace, Alolan Ninetales, Greninja


·  The best attacker in the tier

·  An ideal choice for newcomers

·  High damage output

·  Crucial in the final minutes


·  Giga Drain & Petal Dance

·  It gets leveled up quickly

·  Be more focused on wild Pokemon

·  Strongest attacker

Alolan Ninetales:

·  A recent improvement to the Aurora Veil Move

·  Freeze enemies in their tracks

·  Require focus on foes


·  Deal with greater damage

·  Fast charging Unite Move

·  It can turn match tide

·  Take on Zapdos


·  Easily level up in easy rounds

·  Powerful ranged ranges

·  Requires some practice

·  Breaks enemies apart


·  The combined power of Psychock and Psybeam

·  Stuns enemies with Psybeam

·  Attack with a full health bar


·   Powerful in its full potential

·   Redirects auto attacks to clones

·   Good hits before the enemy vanishes


·  Being weak in the early game

·  Powerful once leveled up

· Long-range attacks

·  Strong Mobility


·  Can be attacker and defender

·  Health stealing abilities

·  Improved movement speed


·  As offensive as possible

·  The jewel is Stealth Rock

·  Reduces foes’ movement speed


·  Ranged attacks

·  Spirit Shackle Moves

·  Low Mobility


·  Updates have reduced its movest powers

·  Whule Surf and Whirlpool

·  Air Slash and Dive have reduced damages

Defender Pokemon Unite Tier List:

When it comes to hindering opponents and protecting allies, defender Pokemon are the best options! They can put on an excellent show on the screen with high endurance and excellent defending abilities. Players can choose from three defenders of Pokemon on the list to protect their teammates from attacks.

The Pokemon Unite Tier List for defender Pokemon is ranked as:

SSnorlax, Greedent
ACrustle, Blastoise
BMamoswine, Slowbro, Trevenant


·  Block and Yawn for pushing enemies

·  High endurance stat

·  The best defender on the list

·  It takes skills to utilize them


·  Surf and Rapid Spin at level 7

·  Crowd Controlling abilities

·  Stuck as weak below level 7


·  Complex game mechanics

·  An optimal balance between Stuff Cheeks, Berry Belly Flop, and Belch

·  A powerful Pokemon


·   Keeps moving between attacker and defender

·   Deal a lot of damage

·   Traps the enemy in a one-on-one fight

·   It does not move fast


·  Freeze & Stun enemies

·  Causes Status Effects

·  Block Goals

·  Best in a team-up game


·  Surf and Telekenesis abilities

·  Causes enough damage to opponents

·  Hampered by its slow speed


·  Takes damage to protect teammates

·  Not inflict damage all the time

·  Undertakes risk during a respawn

Speedster Pokemon Unite Tier List:

The higher mobility and offence allow Supporters to launch quick attacks and score more points. They can use their offence stats to defeat foes quickly and score goals to stay on top of the game. There are four speedster Pokemon in the Pokemon Unite game that players can choose from.

Players should remember that Zeraora is included in the gameplay for a limited time after the game has been released. It may not be available after some time, and one must not add it to his/her collection. Here is the list of how all the Speedster Pokemon rank.

BZeraora, Talonflame

Every character in the tier carries a few positive and negative points. Let us explore every role.


·  Master of Critical Hits

·  Psycho Cut and Sucker Punch Moves

·  Takes the target quickly

·  Deals a large amount of damage


·  Moves like Brave Bird and Fly

·  Travel distances quickly

·  Also, heal itself after a hit

·  Well-timed Aerial Ace


·  More powerful at level 7 (unlocks Hex)

·  Healing mechanics for long life

·  Takes control of the map


·  A selection of powerful moves

·  Long cool-down rates of powers

·  More vulnerable if you miss the target

·  Retreat from a fight more often

Supporter Pokemon Unite Tier List:

Supporter Pokemon have the excellent ability to heal allies and attack the foes back according to status conditions. Supporter Pokemon, as the name suggests, assists allies in defeating enemies. Players can choose from three available Pokemon – Wigglytuff, Mr. Mime, Blissey, and Hoopa.

The Pokemon Unite Tier List of Supporter Pokemon in the Pokemon Unite is organized from highest to lowest. The list is subjective, and players can have different preferences.

SMr. Mime, Eldegoss, Blissey, Hoopa

Characters in this tier have unique features/powers that players can use during the game to heal allies and attack opponents. Let us explore further:


·  It helps allies to traverse the map far quicker

·  Ring Unbound and Hyperspace Hole Moves

·  Creates warp points for the team

·  Helpful in a quick escape


·  Excellent Healing Support

·  It can disable enemies

·  Takes away debuffs

·  It must stick with teammates

Mr. Mime:

·  Great at creating walls to push foes

·  A super fighter

·  It takes serious gaming skills to utilize this role


·  A solid supporter choice

·  Creates shields and supporting abilities

·  Recent updates have reduced its usefulness

·  Pushed down the tier list


·  Stun and put enemies to sleep

·  Immobilize the opponent team

·  It overpowers in isolation

Have Fun with Pokemon Unite:

You probably have a favorite Pokemon on your list, but it does not make you a great player if you lack gaming skills. However, you can enjoy an edge if you choose a higher-ranked Pokemon as your playable character. It will only come by when you know much about the Pokemon Unite Tier List and the characters ranked in each tier. Be the best in the game and defeat your foes with your favorite Pokemon!