The in development Uncharted movie, based on Sony and Naughty Dog's hit video game starring treasure hunting Nathan Drake, will extend beyond the scope of the source material and introduce Drake's extended family.

According to the LA Times Blog, the movie will see Drake on a quest to find lost treasure on an island far from Civilization - nothing too unfamiliar about that - but movie goers will also get to see the adventurer in a family dynamic.

"This idea really turns me on that there's a family that's a force to be reckoned with in the world of international art and antiquities ... [a family] that deals with heads of state and heads of museums and metes out justice," said director David O. Russell.

He added: "We'll have the family dynamic, which we've done in a couple of movies now. And then you take that and put it on the bigger, more muscular stage of an international action picture, but also put all the character stuff in it. That's a really cool idea to me."

Mark Wahlberg also confirmed that he is taking on the role of Drake, and has chatted extensively to Russell about the project - something which has left him confident this won't be just another video game movie.

Comments made by Russell seem to add weight to reports that Russell hopes to cast Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro as Nathan Drake's Uncle and Father, respectively.