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Ben Borthwick by on Jan 26, 2022

PlayStation London Studio is working on an online PlayStation 5 game

PlayStation London Studio has announced it’s hiring for people to work on an online title for the PlayStation 5.

The studio’s official Twitter account put out a call to potential applicants today. Details of the unannounced game are of course, very slight at this juncture. However, the roles are far ranging, including a Lead Producer, Lead Level Designer and a Lead Character Artist among the roles up for grabs. So from that we can infer it’s probably still quite early in development.

We can gleam a couple more clues from the job listings though. For example, the Lead Level Designer role would like someone with experience designing maps for co-op gameplay, both local and online. So it seems there’ll definitely be a co-op element involved. The listings also mention Games as a Service, which could be another indication what we’re in for.

London Studio was previously responsible for 2019 PlayStation VR title Blood & Truth, which did rather well. It actually became the first VR game to reach the top of the regular UK retail charts in June that same year. Curiously, these job listings don’t mention VR at all, so it doesn’t look like the new title will be for the upcoming PS VR 2.

That could all change though, we’ll see how things progress. Prior to Blood & Truth, the studio also created the SingStar and EyeToy series. Many of the team also worked on The Getaway series, as the studio was a successor to that game’s Team Soho.


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Blood & Truth

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