Update 30 for battle royale shooter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has gone live today, and it brings with it a raft of new features and additions to the game, including a new way to reach places you might not have been able to before.

Ledge grabbing will allow players to essentially parkour up structures easier than before by pressing the space bar. You'll be able to grab the edges of anything 2.5 meters high or less. As when vaulting was added, developer PUBG Corp intends to tweak this feature depending on feedback, with at least two updates to the system planned.

Elsewhere, a new BRDM-2 vehicle has been added to the game. Only available to be called in from a care package, this all terrain vehicle is amphibious and can go in the water, allowing you to bypass the bridges that often become chokepoints during the later stages of a match. A new weapon in the form of the Deagle is also being added, which will have the strongest damage of any pistol in the game.

The other major addition is a new Radio Message system. This is, in essence, a new ping system taking a tip from Apex Legends' book. You'll be able to hold the mouse wheel and ping what you're looking at without having to use voice comms, or pick from a selection of pre-canned phrases to better communicate with your squadmates.

There's a bunch of other smaller changes as well, you can find the full patch notes on the PUBG website over here or watch this video that gives you an overview of the update.


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