Pikmin 4 Announced at Nintendo Direct, Release Date Set for July 2023

Pikmin 4 Announced at Nintendo Direct, Release Date Set for July 2023
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Nintendo has finally announced the release date for Pikmin 4 as being slated for July 21, 2023 during its February 2023 Nintendo Direct. The trailer displayed during the showcase exhibited plenty of the familiar colorful characters that the series has often been known for throughout the years.

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Now that its launch day has finally been announced, long-time fans of the popular animated series are now more excited than ever for its arrival. Nintendo has now also released the latest announcement trailer for its beloved franchise. You’ll be able to see the game in all its brilliant colorful glory below.

Viewers are incredibly happy about the announcement of Pikmin 4 since its critically acclaimed predecessor had initially been released 10 years earlier in 2013. People commenting under the reveal trailer have consistently shown how hyped they are for the fourth installment, with one person even stating that they’ve been waiting the whole time for this game.

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As usual, Pikmin 4 lets players take control of a small leading figure that commands the smaller species. New types of Pikmin will also apparently be introduced, such as the Ice Pikmin, the Red Pikmin, and the capable canine, Oatchi, who will help you get through any obstacle in your way.

Unfortunately, very little of the game’s story and mechanics were revealed throughout the course of the preview, which currently leaves plenty to the spectator’s imagination. But devoted followers of the well-known series seemingly aren’t bothered by the lack of specific details since more will surely follow as we get closer to the actual launch day.

With only a few months left until it becomes publicly available, we should be getting more news soon about what Nintendo has in store for its latest Pikmin installment.