Konami has released a new blog post which details - in as much detail as it can reveal - how the PES 2013 Online Courtesy Level is achieved and what this means for players.

"A lot of our players are concerned on how exactly our courtesy level works, and what actions can be taken against cheaters," explains the blog. "To help clarify the issue, we wish to give our players some insight into some of the details of our courtesy level. Please bear in mind that this is as much information as we can make public, however we have more systems in place to both detect and deal with cheaters that we cannot make public, as to avoid users trying to override our system."

Courtesy level

A high disconnection rate is given to players who complete fewer than 35 games out of their last 50 matches. To earn a low rating you must compete over 45 of your last 50 matches.

The Fair Play awards will be saved over time in your account, no matter what courtesy level you currently have, but they will only be used to determine your courtesy level when you have a courtesy level of A or higher.

What effect does the Courtesy Level have?

Courtesy level B:

Players will only be matched against other players with a courtesy level of B or lower.

Courtesy level C:

Some online features will be restricted until a higher courtesy level is achieved:

  • They will not be able to participate in Online Competitions.
  • They will not be included in Player Rankings.
  • They will not be able to participate in Rival Rankings.

Furthermore players will be matched against other players with a Courtesy Level of C until their Courtesy Level increase.

Konami has also set up an alert system to make players aware of when their Courtesy Level is about to drop to C.

  • When a player has only managed to complete 37 of the last 50 matches, a message will be displayed warning him that he is close to dropping to Courtesy Level C.
  • When a player has dropped to Courtesy Level C, he will be shown a message informing him each time he logs in and each time he completes a match.
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