People are fearing for their jobs after recent ChatGPT updates

People are fearing for their jobs after recent ChatGPT updates
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Since releasing late last year, there has been pretty visible fear looming over the internet. ChatGPT’s reasoning capabilities were astounding, and the release of the artificial intelligence absolutely shook the world.

Since then, advancements in the GPT language model have increased exponentially, and recent plugins and internet access capabilities have extended the usability of the chatbot to worrying levels. So much so that programmers and engineers specialising in artificial intelligence are even fearing for their jobs.

Reddit user /u/Devinvoo001 has recently posted stating that their development company “have asked [them] to discard and dump most of our previous ML models, stop experimenting any new models and for most of [their] cases use the ChatGPT API.”

Alongside that, the original poster revealed that their team plans to replace all their original machine learning models with the GPT-4 model, eventually “rendering all [machine learning] based teams useless.

There’s a tangible sense of fear not only from the original content poster, but also from those in the replies: “Happening a lot these days, ChatGPT slowly turned from a bliss to a curse for many,” says another weary user.

Of course, things posted to the internet will always elicit an unexpected response, and there was a surprising wealth of re-affiriming comments suggesting that this didn’t have to be the end this particular ML engineer’s career. One particularly inspiring comment suggested taking advantage of the “greatest innovation in our time,” while others reinforced that ChatGPT writes sloppy and flawed code.

However – the growth of AI development doesn’t look to be slowing down, so much so that Sam Altman of OpenAI has recently called for the regulation of AI.

Recent updates to ChatGPT’s plugins, especially their Code Interpreter, have improved the usability of the chatbot’s programming abilities and data analytics – fleshing out the original concern that ChatGPT could actually start replacing engineering jobs.

How long do we all have?