People Can Fly's creative director Adrian Chmielarz has admitted that the amount of swearing in Bulletstorm - and the specifics of what was being said - made him blush after seeing it translated into his native tongue, Polish.

"Do you know any swear word in a foreign language? German, French, Polish? When you say it out loud, no biggie, right? Not a problem to use it during a family dinner, I assume?" Chmielarz explained to Game Developer magazine (via Gamasutra).

"That is how all the f-bombs sounded to us. Being Polish, all the strong language in Bulletstorm was just exotic and fun to us. We did not feel its power. In other words, Epic thought this is what we wanted and respected our creative vision, while we had no idea this vision was a bit more than we really wanted.

"It was only at the end of the development, when I read the Polish translation of the game, that I realized how dirty we were. I swear a lot. A LOT. And yet still I ...kind of blushed."

Bulletstorm was awarded a 9/10 when it was reviewed back in February, and the foul script was something we offered much praise.

If there is a Bulletstorm 2 on the cards, let's hope People Can Fly don't try to tone things down. The script, swearing and dictionary of lewd phrases goes a long way in defining Bulletstorm as a game, and losing out on it would be a crying shame.

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