Utter the name to anybody who is reasonably knowledgeable about games, and they will laugh - or cry when recalling the console incarnation, and maybe go on to launch a tirade of abuse against Atari and Reflections.

The long-awaited game, which was widely derided in the gaming press, was subject to rumours and speculation of 'bribes-for-scores' stories, given that the finished article was reportedly horribly bugged and 'broken', so news of the PC version is unlikely to greatly excite.

It looks nice, but the console versions looked good in stills too

We at Pro-G, however, like to give a game a fair chance. Developer Reflections - no doubt badly stung by the criticism of the title - has hopefully taken on board the more-useful comments, and will hopefully have sorted it for the PC version, which is scheduled for March 18th.

The game, which centres around undercover cop Tanner trying to bust a global car-theft ring, has both on-foot and in-car action taking place in various locales around the world, including Miami and Nice, and the PC version will have an exclusive level involving an assassination attempt, along with other additions not yet announced, and the full 12-minute 'making-of' video.

PC-specific screenshots are currently scarce, however pop-on over to the official website for more details of the game, at the official website.

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