Players who are experiencing issues while trying to download Payday 2 through Steam should force close Steam via the Windows Task Manager before attempting to download the game again, game director David Goldfarb has advised.

The issue, which has been reported by multiple Steam users, locks progress midway through the download, preventing the game from being downloaded fully.

It also appears to be fairly widespread - we experienced a similar issue on two different computers while trying to download the game yesterday.

"If you are frozen on download, close Steam, kill process, restart Steam," Goldfarb Tweeted.

"Remember to KILL the STEAM PROCESS in Task Manager, not just close Steam," he added. "Watch for the update."

Steam forum users also suggest that changing the region setting may help fix the issue. To change your region, head to Steam's settings menu and select the 'Downloads' tab.

Payday 2 launched today on PC with Xbox 360 and PS3 versions to follow on Friday.


Source: @locust9