*BREAKING* Overwatch 2 (OW2) Preload NOW LIVE – Here’s where you can download the game for PS5, PS4, Xbox and Switch

*BREAKING* Overwatch 2 (OW2) Preload NOW LIVE – Here’s where you can download the game for PS5, PS4, Xbox and Switch
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Overwatch 2 is around the corner and many fans are eager to get on the game as soon as. We’ll look to detail the Overwatch 2 Preload Time and when you can install the game depending on where you live!

With the release time being confirmed – fans are scourging to find out when to preload Overwatch 2.

Preloading (or pre-downloading) means to have the game installed onto your system as to when the game’s servers are officially open, you can dive straight in.

To summarise, Overwatch 2 releases at:

  • 1PM PDT (Los Angeles)

This is a good indication as to when the game’s servers should expect to go live (give or take), however doesn’t exactly address which time that is exactly for you!

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OW2 Preload Time

Released by Blizzard – this is when Overwatch 2 is expected to release

As preload has become available for PC, when you read this – chances are you’ve already done so!

However if you wasn’t sure on when this was, word by Blizzard have announced it to be:

  • 10:30PM CEST

Overwatch 2 Console Preload Date

Here, it comes a bit different! Preload is actually occurring today, October 4th – 4 days after PC users were able to preload on their systems.

The gap in between is not clear, however it is expected the game will be available to preload in a matter of hours.

Overwatch 2 Preload Time For CONSOLE

You may be asking, similarly to PC – when exactly is Overwatch 2’s preload time for console? Luckily, Blizzard have also covered this too!

From Blizzard, you can expect Overwatch 2 to be available to preload at:

  • 6:00 PM CEST

UPDATE: As of 18:37 GMT, you’re now able to preload the game prior to Overwatch 2’s launch!

If you’re confused as to when exactly this is in your region, here is when it’ll go live for console users in your region:

OW2 Console Preload Time For PS5, PS4, Xbox S/X, Xbox One and Switch

  • New York (ET): 12:00 PM ET
  • Los Angeles (PT): 9:00 AM PT
  • Texas (CT): 11:00 AM CT
  • London (GMT): 5:00 PM GMT

How to download Overwatch 2 on the PlayStation Store

If you’re wondering on how you can access Overwatch 2 on the PlayStation Store, here’s a few quick steps:

  • Head over to the PlayStation Store
  • At the search bar, type “Overwatch 2”
  • You should be able to find Overwatch 2 from them
  • Press Download
  • Wait and enjoy Overwatch 2 when it becomes live!

Similarly for Xbox:

Overwatch players can NOW be able to download the game on console
  • Navigate from Dashboard to “My Games and Apps”
  • Find the tile for “Overwatch Origins Edition” in “Games”
  • Select the game, it’ll return you to dashboard and prompt you to download an update.

How to download Overwatch 2 (OW2) faster

Seeing as the the console preload is a few hours prior to the actual launch, we’ve got some tips for people who are struggling to download it in time for the launch!

Here are some simple tips that could help you the download Overwatch 2 patch faster:

  • Make sure no other games are downloading / updating in the background
  • Disable all apps that are not being used
  • Disconnect other devices from Wifi if they’re not being used
  • Ideally use ethernet connection
  • If using Wifi make sure it is not being hogged by your neighbours
  • Use a fast VPN

Overwatch 2 Preload FAQ

Can you preload Overwatch 2?

Yes, however currently it is available for PC users and fans who have access to the Watchpoint Pack. It will be available to preload for console by 6:00 CEST.

What time will Overwatch 2 be released?

As per Blizzard statement, Overwatch 2 will release at 9PM CEST for Europe, 8PM BST for UK, 3PM EDT for East Coast and 12PM for West Coast