Outriders Worldslayer gets new trailer, launches tomorrow

Outriders Worldslayer gets new trailer, launches tomorrow
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Outriders Worldslayer, the expansion for Outriders, launches tomorrow, and Square Enix has released a new trailer for the game.

Check out the trailer below:

The description reads:

“Take your existing Outriders to new levels of power as you journey deeper into Enoch, or use the character boost to create a new level 30 Outrider geared up and ready to face off against the powerful Altered—Ereshkigal.

“With new horrors to challenge you and new weapons, mods and gear to discover, you’ll be further developing your build through the new PAX class trees, the long-term progression Ascension System and the game changing third mod slots found only on Apocalypse Gear.

“Survive the campaign and continue to push through the new Apocalypse difficulty tiers as you face even greater horrors in the Trial of Tarya Gratar, the brand new endgame.”

Outriders was a troubled game, when it launched in 2021. The developer was People Can Fly, which previously made Gears of War: Judgment. And, as a shooter, it was crunchy and satisfying. But it was blighted by bugs. Hopefully, with the release of Outriders Worldslayer that is no longer the case.

In VideoGamer’s review of the game, I said:

“Maybe, after the talented developers at People Can Fly have furnished the game with a few patches, Outriders will shine. The problem is that, aside from its technical troubles, the charms of its world and its combat lose their edge.”